How iPhone Poker has Evolved

free iphone pokerWhen it comes to smartphones, the iPhone is definitely one of the most popular platforms available. Apple’s entry into the mobile market back in 2007 has been so incredibly successfully that they were able to penetrate and even dominate the market in just a couple years. The company’s success has led to the introduction of various generations of devices after the very first iPhone product. Versions such as the 5, 5s, 6, 6s, and the SE were released in early 2016, and the latest generations of 7 and 7 plus much later on. As of now, the iPhone has been among the most popular lines of smartphones around the world, with more than 40% of the market share in the US alone.

iPhone and the World of Gambling

When the iPhone has gained massive popularity, it didn’t take long for the gambling world to notice. Before long, many mobile gaming sites have appeared, with apps being made available in the App store, such as free iPhone poker, to allow iPhone users to place their bets and play their favourite casino games using their iPhone devices. Nowadays, iPhone casinos are considered an integral part of the online gambling platform, considering that they are a great contributor to the mobile revolution which goes on up to this day.

The arrival of the App Store in 2008 has allowed game developers to sell casino games directly to their customers instead of dealing with mobile network operators. Since it can be accessed by any device that runs on the iOS platform, iPhone users didn’t have any trouble looking for the game they want in the App Store. One of the most downloaded paid apps in the App Store is Texas Hold’em, which has been downloaded by tons of players 5 hours after it went live in the App store. This only goes to show the influence the iPhone has in the world of online gambling.

Real money mobile casinos weren’t left out either. In fact, you can find plenty of them out there. Even though most iPhone casino apps are offered for free, there’s always the option of playing using real money considering that they all come with secure payment methods for easier and secure transactions.

Apple Apps vs Web-based Real Money Apps

free poker on iphoneCompared to other real money apps for the Android, Blackberry, and other mobile operating systems, one of the main advantages of an iPhone gambling app is the operating system itself. The iOS operating system is considered as one of the smoothest operating systems there is, enabling automatic updates on every smartphone which is ran on iOS.

With this, online casino players that own an older version of the iPhone will still be able to access iPhone poker and any other casino applications on their device. In order to do so, they simply have to update their operating system to the latest versions before they are able to use any applications that are compatible to the latest version.

Another amazing advantage of the Apple’s iPhone is that the company maintains a very strict policy in terms of real money gambling apps which are offered in the App Store. This policy is also one of the reasons why major online casinos have decided to develop a site-based web app on their own. There are certain restrictions placed by Apple as a means of addressing the varying legislation issues in every country. For example, you won’t be able to use any real money casino and gambling apps from Apple in the US due to such restrictions, until online betting has been legalized. Nonetheless, free poker on iPhone and other casino apps offered by Apple are high quality ones. They make an excellent choice for gamblers who live in countries with little or no gambling restrictions.

iPhone Casinos vs Desktop Casinos

iphone pokerObviously, playing on your mobile device will look different compared to playing on your desktop computer. However, in spite of the smaller sized screen, the best iPhone casinos will almost have similar gameplay to their traditional counterparts, except with a few minor differences. 

Nowadays, the introduction of HTML5 makes it possible for mobile games to share the same gameplay and style of their PC versions. Simply put, the games you get to play are almost the same regardless of the platform you’re playing on. The main changes have something to do with the layout, although this is something you’re probably used to especially if you’re browsing websites using your iPhone device. Some other information which you can’t find on screen will be placed in the menu section, and even those in the menu will be condensed. You might find some graphical elements such as the background art and other graphics to be missing in order to allocate more room for performance.

As we already know, there are instances where mobile data connections run very slow, and phones will sometimes struggle with several apps while running lots of programs all at once. Due to this, a lot of iPhone poker apps and other casino apps offer settings which allow players to customize various features and minimize the graphics in order to make their games run smoothly. One of the main features of most iPhone casinos is that they always make sure to improve their games in order to provide players with the best gambling experience possible. 

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