Why No Deposit Poker Bonuses are So Popular

free poker for windowsIn an attempt to establish a solid reputation for themselves, most online poker rooms will do anything they can in their power to lure in poker players both old and new. So it is no longer surprising to see the market filled with various offers that would benefit players regardless of their experience. 

One of these offers come in the form of the no deposit poker bonus. Along with the other bonuses, they provide a small portion of cash for each player which he can use to play his favourite poker game. 


What is a No Deposit Poker Bonus?

A no deposit bonus offered by a free poker for Windows site is considered free starting money which you can use to play your favourite poker game. Basically, it acts as a starting point towards your progress as a professional poker player. Regardless of how familiar you might be when it comes to playing poker online, if you really want to play against real opponents, you will have to try using free poker money. 

This type of bonus is offered only to new players and is often given to you right away after signing up in an online poker site. In some cases, you will need to confirm your personal details in order to take advantage of a no deposit poker bonus.

But is there a catch?

Most people tend to be hesitant when they hear that free money is given away by online poker rooms. However, while being offered for free, there is a certain wagering requirement which you should meet before you can even start withdrawing your winnings. This is to protect their investment and to prevent people from abusing the system. In some cases, a wagering requirement will only require you to play around 10 to 20 times using the bonus before you can withdraw your winnings. However, some sites will come with stricter requirements, often requiring around 30 to even 50 times of playthrough before you can get the chance to cash out your winnings.


Benefits of a No Deposit Poker Bonus

free poker for macThe benefits of a no deposit poker bonus is pretty obvious - you have the chance to play your favourite poker game using real money. Moreover, you don’t have the risk of losing real money on your part. Through this, you can test your preferred poker site and see for yourself if the games they have suit your preferences. You can try out things like the variety of games offered, ease of use, and the winning odds. If they impress you, then you can start depositing real money and play real money poker game immediately. However, if you think the site doesn’t match your tastes well, you can simply log off and look for another site that can provide you with a better gaming experience.

To keep it short, the main benefits of a no deposit poker bonus are as follow:

  • Risk-free (no need to spend real money to play poker games)
  • You get to familiarize the game without losing cash
  • You have the chance of winning real money using bonus cash
  • In most cases, account information is not required for acquiring the bonus


Playing No Deposit Poker on your Computer

With countless innovations in the world of online gambling, various platforms have been introduced, allowing players more options in playing their favourite casino games. Platforms such as the mobile device, tablet, and smartphones are among the latest additions particularly when it comes to online poker. However, one of the most widely used platform is the desktop computer with Windows as the operating system. But why is the reason why a lot of people still prefer this option?

1. Better Graphics and Gameplay

One of the main reasons why you should consider to play free poker for Windows or any other operating systems for your computer such as Mac or Linux is because you can enjoy the highest quality graphics, gameplay, and even audio. This is because a downloadable software you install on your desktop computer will have all the necessary files and are not compressed compared to its mobile or tablet version. However, if you don’t prefer downloading and installing an application, you also have the option of playing poker from your browser. Although not as good as its download version, a flash poker game on your desktop computer still have better graphics and gameplay compared to mobile and tablet versions.

2. Wider Game Variety

free poker for macAnother advantage of a free poker for Mac or Windows is that there is a wider variety of games to choose from. This means that you can easily find the game that suits your preference perfectly without the need to visit other sites just to do so. Also, since you have the option of playing the games for free, you can test them out one by one to familiarize yourself with its basic rules and mechanics.

3. Easier User Interface

The user interface that a free poker for Windows and other computer operating systems feature are a lot easier and more responsive compared to other platforms. This makes it more convenient since the buttons and other icons are a lot larger.

Unlike before where free poker was only limited to a desktop computer run on the Windows operating system, it is now possible to play free Mac poker on your Mac device. This is because developers and operators have worked hard to optimize poker games for Mac users and to cater an even wider player base. However, if you choose to play free poker Mac, you should make sure to choose the application specifically designed for Mac devices when you download.

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