Why Free Poker Games, No Download Versions Are So Much Fun!

free poker games no downloadIn most cases, when you play poker in an online casino, the best poker games and competitions are in their download software. However, what if there’s no download software? What if you don’t want to go through the hassle of downloading and installing the program to your computer? What if you play free poker from a shared computer, or if it's a work computer? What are your choices?

Fortunately for you, the no download poker software has come a long way in the past few years. This means that with most Flash poker room software, you can play almost any kind of poker you like straight from your browser rather than having to download them to your device. 


What is a No Download Poker Software?

No download poker software is the basic online software offered by every poker website. It doesn’t require any download and can be played immediately anywhere and on any device by logging into your casino account from an internet browser. Regardless of your preferred browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari), you can instantly play smoothly and trouble-free without the need to download and install any software.

You will need to upgrade your browser and your Flash player plug-ins (the most popular is Adobe) to a newer version from time to time in order to take full advantage of the Flash poker games and to make sure they don't get stuck, slow down or play with delays. If you have tried playing on downloaded software before, you might notice that there are several features you can’t find in a free poker no download game, such as poker tournaments and the ability to invite specific poker players to a private table. Moreover, with all the progress being made in the no download software version, you can expect a range of amazing features to be released in the next few years.


What’s the Advantage of Free Poker No Download?

flash pokerThe main reasons why a lot of people prefer a no download poker version is because it is fast, secure, convenient and you can play it from a shared computer or from different computers/ devices without missing a step. Since there’s no longer the need to download and install anything on your computer, you can play free poker in just a matter of seconds by simply logging into your casino account from their website! Here are some of the main advantages that you can get from playing free poker on your browser:

1. Instant Play

Since you don't have to download and install any software on your computer, you can benefit from the instant play feature that free Flash poker provides. You might not realize it, but having several downloaded poker applications on your computer (which might happen, for instance, if you play at multiple online casinos) might slow it down and make it less responsive, especially if it’s an old one.

2. Play Anywhere

With no download poker, you won’t be limited to just playing free poker from one computer. In fact, you can play from any computer, or from many computers, as long as there is a stable internet connection. You can play in an internet cafe, from your friend’s device, from your work laptop: you can play almost anywhere you like! 

3. Versatile OS

Another amazing advantage of a free poker no download version is that you can access it regardless of which operating system you’re using. Even if you have a Mac or Linux device and your favourite casino doesn't offer the download software to match, you can always play your favourite poker game without any worries.

4. Risk-free

One of the main selling point of the free poker games no download version is the fact that you won’t be risking any money while you play. Basically, you are offered play money, which you can use to play your favourite poker game to your heart’s content. There’s no need to deposit any real money into your account just for that!

5. Great Learning Curve

free poker no downloadFree poker games no download are really beneficial for players who just started playing the game online. There is no commitment either by downloading the software or by playing with real money. However, they are also beneficial for veteran players who want to fine tune their poker winning strategies. Most sites that offer free poker without the download even share their best secrets, advice, tips and tricks for their players' benefits, both new and old.

6. Privacy

Playing free poker games no download from a free poker site is almost entirely private. There's almost no personalisation of your account, other than the very basic registration requirements, and you are mostly playing anonymously against the casino itself. In most casinos, that also means you don't need to create a poker avatar and you don't have the option to chat with other players: just straightout playing on the software to win the pot! And if you are on a work or shared computer, once you’re done playing you simply log out and clear your browser history. Simple as that!

Are there Any Drawbacks?

While there are plenty of advantages that a free flash poker offers, it also has its own fair share of drawbacks:

  • No download versions generally lack all the more sophisticated features that a download version has. Hence, you can expect reduced graphics quality, delays in the gameplay and also lower quality audio. There are also other missing functions which you might find frustrating especially if you’re used to playing free poker on a downloaded software.
  • Since you are playing for free, you won’t be able to win real money in the process. Basically, free poker games on your browser are only for fun, meaning people only play the game as a means of a pastime activity, to improve their poker skills or to take a break from playing real money poker to try a new strategy.
  • Most tournaments and compeitions aren't available to Flash players, but they usually aren't available for free poker players in any case.
  • You can't select your poker opponents as easily in Flash and you won't be able to assemble a private table.  
  • Multi-tabling is usually not available in Flash poker because it takes up too much bandwidth, so doesn't play out smoothly.

Free poker no download sites are a good choice if you’re only looking to play poker for fun with no committment.